Jonty Shekels are a fun way to earn tokens for doing your very best.


Learn about money and earn Jonty Shekels that you can spend with Mum or Dad.


Save up your Jonty Shekels until you have enough for a really special treat.

Play and Learn

Playing and learning can be fun. Earning money at the same time is even better!

Jonty Shekels

Imagine if you could make money by doing the things you do everyday. Little jobs to help your Mum or Dad, being nice to your friends or tidying up after you have finished an activity.

All of these things can earn you Jonty Shekels.

Once you have earned them you can then choose what to do with them:

Spend them on a small treat
Save them until you have lots and can do something big
Maybe a little of both

If you save enough and for keep them for a long time them maybe you can use them to buy something big when you are older. Who knows what the future might bring!

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Jonty Shekels are a cryptocurrency. This is a type of money that is stored on computers instead of coins and notes. These tokens can be used just like regular money, but you send them and receive them on a computer or mobile device.

What is Money?

Money is how we trade work for the things we need. When we do work we get paid for the task we have done with money. That money can then be used to buy something we want or to pay for a trip to the cinema or a nice meal.

How Does This Work?

When someone thinks you have done something that has value they can send you some Jonty Shekels. These are stored in an electronic wallet so you can see how much you have at any time.

When you want to spend some tokens you can use them to pay Mum or Dad.

You can even turn them into the coins and notes that you use in your country and spend them in a shop.

How Do I Earn Jonty Shekels?

Jonty Shekels can be earned for almost anything. You can use our list or make your own:

1 JSHK – Being nice to my friends and family

1 JSHK – Working hard at school

2 JSHK – Tidying my room

2 JSHK – Taking the rubbish out

3 JSHK – Helping with the housework