How To Buy BEP20 Jonty Shekels

Buying BEP20 Jonty Shekels is the same as any other BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) token. The four step process will have shekels in your wallet in no time.

Step 1

Go to

Make sure your wallet is connected.

Expand the Trade menu option

Step 2

Select Exchange from the Menu

Click Select a currency

Step 3

Copy and Paste the contract address into the box:


The details of the JSHK token will appear.

Click ‘Add’ if you want to save the token for future transactions

Click on the JSHK token.

Step 4

You can now select how much BNB you want to swap for JSHK

Token Basics

4 billion coins total supply (fixed permanently)

Liquidity locked

8 decimals

0% sales tax. You keep every token you purchase

DxSale for early investors

PancakeSwap for JSHK / BNB pair

Green Credentials (All tokens mined at the start so tiny carbon footprint)





Buy Jonty Shekels

Jonty Shekels will be launching very soon on the DxSale app immediately followed by general availability via PancakeSwap.

Stay tuned via the website or our social media channels for more information.



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