Extended Family Can Join In Too

Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and everyone else in the extended family can also join in with Jonty Shekels.

Rewards can be given for achievements or special events. Plus, this can be a long term investment for the future. Bonds and other tokens are often given to small children to provide a small nest egg when they are starting out in life.

Jonty Shekels can be used throughout their childhood to nurture and encourage them. When they reach adulthood their savings may well have significant real world value than can make a difference in their lives.


While they are learning


For their future

Support Their Future

Rewards can be given for achievements in life such as tests, exams, sporting events, musical accomplishments or any other goal they have set for themselves.

Saving up Jonty Shekels can lead to bigger rewards such as a special trip or purchase that they would like to make.

Investing in their future means the potential to start adulthood with a nest egg that has real world value.





Invest for the Future