How To Buy Waves Jonty Shekels

Buying Jonty Shekels could not be easier. The four step process will have shekels in your wallet in no time.

Step 1

Go to

If you already have an account then login.

If not then you can create an account.

Follow the instructions to create your wallet and remember to save your recovery phrase and private keys.

Step 2

Deposit funds into your wallet by clicking Buy Crypto from the top menu.

You can use a debit or credit card to deposit money into your account. Remember, you should buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, USDT, GBPN or EURN in order to trade for JSHK.

Step 3

Now you can open the Market view by hovering over the Trading menu at the top and then selecting Spot.

Here you can search for JSHK and then select the trading pair that matches the currency you bought in the previous step. For example if you bought Bitcoin then select JSHK/BTC.

Alternatively you can use the Buy Now links at the bottom of our homepage.

Step 4

Go back to your wallet and send your JSHK (Jonty Shekels) tokens to your TrustWallet.

This step is important. You should never leave your funds on an exchange. Keep your cryptocurrency in your private wallet that only you hold the keys to.

For more information on setting up TrustWallet with support for Jonty Shekels please visit our TrustWallet page.

Token Basics

21 million coins total supply (fixed permanently)

19.2 million coins released to market (preventing rug-pull)

8 decimals

0.001 Waves transaction fee (GBP £0.02, USD $0.03, EUR €0.02). Tiny compared to BTC, ETH or BNB. Also known as gas fees.

0% sales tax. You keep every token you purchase

Direct exchange (no uniswap / pancake swap)

Launch price $0.10, £0.07 or €0.08 per JSHK

Green Credentials (All tokens mined at the start so tiny carbon footprint)





Buy Jonty Shekels

Jonty Shekels is now live on the platform. The buttons here will take you directly to the exchange.

The Waves blockchain uses Waves tokens for transaction fees (gas fees). You will need a small amount of Waves in addition to any of the other currencies in order to be able to send Jonty Shekels to other wallets.



Buy with Bitcoin




Buy with Ethereum




Buy with Waves




Buy with USD (Tether)